A Career in Hypnotherapy

Are you looking for a career that is creative, lucrative and allows you to be your own boss? Then  Hypnotherapy may be a great fit for you.

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Hypnotherapy combines nicely with other skills and modalities

My training tends to attract a lot opf people who are already in the helping fields such as social workers, counsellors, therapsts and alternative health care workers. Because Hypnotherapy can help you assess what is going on with a client as well as address it, Hypnotherapy combines nicely with other modalities and skills. I have students who have combined hypnotherapy with counselling, accupuncture and accupresssure, massage and even doing intuitive work. Hypnotherapy offers you one more tool for your toolbox to help clients with issues such as anxiety, depression, pain and physical symptoms, sleep issues and more. But, you don't have to be a therapist or alternative health practitioner to take this trraining. This training is great for anyone who is tired of their boring 9-5 "muggle" job who wants a career that is more satisfying and meaningful.

Being a Hypnotherapist is lucrative

Although rates may vary by area, typically a new Hypnotherapist can charge from $95-150 a session. You can charge even more than this if you combine Hypnotherapy with another skill or modality. And, of course, your rates will go up over time as you become more experienced, or develop a specialization.

Being a Hypnotherapist means having freedom!

Would you rather work daytime, nightime or weekends? Would you rather have a full schedule or a more relaxed one? Do you want to work with individuals or groups? Would you like to work in a specific area of interest or have variety by generalizing? Having a career in Hypnotherapy means having the freedom to do things your way! You get to set your own rates and schedule, see only the clients you really want to see, work on the goals that appeal to you, and run your practice in whatever way fits your lifestyle best. When my son was young, I would work from when I dropped him off to when I picked him up so I could be there when he was home. Now that he is an adult living on his own, I begin my day at 2 pm so I can enjoy a morning of learning, exercise, meditating and having a long leisurely breakfast with my husband. As my needs have changed, so has my practice

Being a Hypnotherapist is meaningful

I absolutely LOVE the work I do. I am honoured to get to hear things my clients have often never told another person. I am invited into their inner worlds; the world of their fears, insecurities, life experiences, goals, hopes and dreams. AND I get to see them making headway on goals that they have opften struggled with for years--even decades. Every day, I am in gratitude of this work. I get to see people perservere despite their hardships, I get to see people light up when they share with me how differently they handled something that would have once pushed their buttons. I get the satisfaction of being a part of their journey. There is not a day that I don't thank the powers that be for bringing me to this work, and for bringing my clients to me

Hypnotherapy has many applications

I almost feel like EVERYONE could use Hypnotherapy as the applications are so vast. Some of the areas hypnosis can be used to address include: - Habit contol such as smoking and weight loss - Addiction- drugs, alcohol, gambling, porn, shopping, screen etc - Anxiety disorders such as social anxiety, OCD, PTSD, phobias and generalized anxiety - Pain management - Understanding and relieving physical symptoms such as skin disorders, IBS, Chrons, allergies, allegies, food sensitivities - Insomnia and other sleep issues such as restless legs, nightmares, or sleep eating - Trauma and complex trauma - Perfectionism - Self image, self esteem, confidence, self worth - Eating disorders - Birthing - Negative thinking, obssessive thoughts - Management of emotions such as anger, depression, anxiety - Adjusting to a life change such as divorce or separation, loss, career change or move - Sexual trauma - Sexual dysfunction including premature ejaculation, inability to get/maintain an erection, frigidity, repulsion