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Become a Certified Hypnotherapist: Learn from Clinical Hypnosis Training and Courses and Develop More Self Awareness as Part of the Process


It is not easy to become a certified hypnotherapist. There is a good level of dedication required in hypnosis training. With my Hypnotherapy training you will be studying material but also giving and receiving Hypnotherapy sessions on classmates  so that you can embody the role of the hypnotherapist while also experiencing hypnosis, and personal growth, the way the client does.  Studying hypnosis is also about studying yourself. You will take a deep dive into your own psyche, behaviors, patterns, background and relationships and the impact of specific events on your life and belief system. 


Hypnosis certification with the help of Horizon Center comes with comprehensive hypnosis training that teaches you the intricacies of the craft and takes you deep within yourself to develop more clarity, self awareness and healthier habits and thinking.


Learn how to do hypnosis through hypnotherapy training programs designed for clinical hypnotherapy that changes lives and perhaps the first life that will be changed for the better is your own!


Sign up for our hypnotherapy training programs and experience the best in Hypnotherapy training online as well as personal development, greater self awareness and greater self compassion. 


Our hypnosis training courses are grounded in science, and the theories and practices that have moved hypnotherapy forward through the years.


At Horizon Center, clinical counselling hypnosis considers the individual. Our realities are different; hence, there should not be a singular approach to hypnosis treatment. This is what we teach you at the center. You will learn to work with individuals while also applying the concepts to yourself. 


Become a certified hypnotherapist with grounded hypnosis training that can make a difference in your client's recovery. And take advantage of the opportunities for personal growth that are a part of the course.

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