Why Your Hypnosis Training Online is Best Done Through Our Hypnotherapy Training Courses

When you’re searching for hypnosis training online courses, you are bound to find a gamut of choices, online hypnotherapy courses at several price points and course length. And those practically free hypnosis training online courses (just $17?!) can be very tempting. In fact, I’ve been asked about this. Why choose our $4800 online hypnotherapy courses?


There are several factors that answer this question. But the gist really is the depth and quality of the hypnosis training you get at Horizon.


Our hypnosis training online school has designed hypnotherapy training programs that provide you with what you need to become an effective hypnotherapist.


Hypnosis training with Horizon empowers you with techniques for client-centered effective clinical hypnosis. We teach you how to get to the cause of your client’s problems, and not merely suggest the symptoms away.


We believe that the best hypnotherapy courses should offer clients long-term (if not permanent) solutions to their problems. This is something that scripts or any other cookie-cutter approach to hypnosis training can’t provide. It takes more than 14 hours of training; and is definitely worth more than $17!


As a hypnosis training online student at Horizon, I will supervise your progress. Your online hypnotherapy is comprehensive and grounded on real-life clinical hypnosis situations. You will learn the intricacies of clinical hypnosis, and how to employ them in your future practice as hypnotherapist.

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