Professional Development Courses

Self Paced Hypnotherapy Program

Are you already trained but you would like some fresh ideas for working with clients?  Or maybe you are looking for some new hypnosis techniques.

I have modified my original self paced training program so that people who don't need the certification can get new information without paying the usual price of $3824.

For only $1297 you get lifetime access to this training.

I cover how to address client goals such as weight reduction, smoking cessation, birthing, pain management, complex trauma, depression, sexual dysfunction and MUCH more!

I also give you proprietary techniques  including: Split Screen, Tour of Your Life, Addressing Others, Remove the Impact and more

And if that isn't enough I give you my session planning template for creating effective client centered sessions, my 11 themes that you will commonly see with clients (as well as how to address them) and more information you will not see anywhere else.

Payment plans of 6, 12 and 18 months are available To purchase on a payment plan click here

Dream Facilitation and Analysis

Help your client get insight into their dreams by using this fun and insightful technique