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Demo Session Library

I know how useful it can be to see hypnosis sessions in action, especially if it is series of sessions with the same person so you can see how things progress. That's why I created the demo Session Library.

 In the Demo session Library, you get pretty much everything that I do with my clients. You will receive:

  •  A video of my consultation with the client

  • MY ABC chart that I use to plan the sessions

  • My one page session plan so you can see how I create each session

  • A video of each session so you can see hypnosis in action and understand how that one page turns into a full length session

  • Transcripts of the sessions in case there is material you would like to use with your own clients

  • In some cases, I may include my thoughts about the client or their goal

  • In the case where a session goes in an unexpected direction, you will receive a "director's cut" video where I show the section of the session that went differently than planned and walk you through the choices I made in the moment

  • An opportunity to ask questions about each video

Note: In some cases, I was already working with the client when they volunteered to be a demo. Therefore, there is not a video of our consultation or previous sessions. In lieu of these videos, I provide videos where I share the notes I took during the consultation as well as my session notes and I walk you through what I did with the client up until  the point the client agreed to be a demo.

You will get a minimum of 4 videos per month. They may or may not be with the same person but, if you stick around, you will see each client have at least 4 sessions. 


Fee $57/ month. There is no obligation to commit to a specific number of months. You an cancel anytime.

Want both  the Demo Session Library and the Script and technique Library? Then buy the "Why Stop at One Library?" Pack  and save $19/month

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