Hypnotherapy Certification Online: Get Your Online Hypnosis Certification through Training with the Top Center for Hypnotherapy

Earn your hypnotherapy certification online through The Horizon Center’s online hypnosis training and courses.


We offer two online hypnotherapy certification training options.


Everybody who trains with me gets enrolled in the  Online Hypnotherapy Certification Course. Our  online clinical hypnosis course is perfect for those who have packed schedule but the drive to learn more about hypnotherapy. Study at your own pace and submit videos for feedback and assessment. With this option, you do not attend classes.

If you want to have more of a classroom experience, for an additional fee, you can add our "Classroom Instruction" option.  This option gives you access to one weekend  a month of Zoom classroom instruction over the course of a year.  Go through the program with a cohort, receive extra instruction from the professor, watch demonstrations, practice on classmates, do exercises to really ingrain the concepts. This option is great for the student who wants the momentum of meeting regularly and the feel of being in a classroom.


Learn about my philosophy of hypnotherapy.

Radio guesting and talks about hypnosis / hypnotherapy

Articles about hypnotherapy and our hypnosis course


Online Hypnotherapy Certification Program

With our online hypnotherapy certification program, you receive access to 28 units of curriculum in Thinkific, where my course is hosted.  The hypnosis training curriculum is in the form of videos, audio recordings, real hypnosis sessions, radio shows and readings from the two manuals: the Theory Manual, and the Script and Technique manual.


You work through the online training material at your own pace, submitting assignments such as videos of you doing techniques or interviewing a client. I will give you feedback on your assignments so that you can ensure you’re on the right track.

Preview the material covered in the  Online Hypnotherapy Certification course here.

Online Hypnotherapy Certification Program tuition:

The training is $3824. There are several payment plans available for this course.


6 months @ $639/month

12 months @ $320/month

18 months @ $215/month

24 months @ $165/month


Technical requirements: Computer with a camera and microphone, basic computer skills. This program will qualify you for certification with the International Hypnosis Association


When does online hypnosis training start?

You can start anytime!








Classroom Instruction

If you prefer to go through the program with a like minded cohort and have the feeling of being in a  virtual classroom, this is the option for you.

You receive access to the Online Hypnotherapy Program but also attend a class one weekend a month for a year.

Class time is used for:

  • Additional lectures and instruction

  • Check Ins- get questions answered, get feedback on sessions

  • Demonstrations- See hypnosis in action as you observe the instructor working on volunteers, experience hypnosis yourself in group sessions as well as 1 on 1 sessions

  • Exercises- to help you really absorb the concepts

  • Practice Sessions- work on classmates and have them work on you so that you get the experience of working on your own goals in hypnosis and planning and delivering sessions for a classmate. 

One of the benefits of adding the classroom instruction is the personal growth you will experience! My students tell me that this is one of the best parts of the program. When you study with a cohort, you will be giving and receiving hypnosis sessions, working on your own goals during the time in class. You will also be looking at you own patterns, behavior, belief system and the impact of different events or relationships in your life. It is impossible to study hypnosis without also beginning to look within! I highly recommend adding the classroom instruction if you are considering taking the training so that you can get the full benefit of studying hypnotherapy and all of the opportunities for personal growth that it provides!


 This program will qualify you for certification with The International Hypnosis Association, The International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association, The Canadian Association of Counselling Hypnotherapists and Educators and more.  Ask me about your certification options.

Technical requirements: Computer with a camera and microphone, basic computer skills. It is also best if you have privacy in the room during our classes so as to maintain the privacy of classmates who will be sharing.

Preview the material covered in the  Online Hypnotherapy Certification course here.

The next class class begins Oct 9/10 


Fees: $1020

Payment plans:

6 months @ $170/month

12 months @ $85/month

18 months @ $57/month

24 months @ $43/month

NOTE: This course requires the prerequisite purchase of the Online Hypnotherapy Certification program


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