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Hypnosis Certification Online: Here's What You Learn From the Best Hypnosis Training Online


Hypnosis Certification Online


The best route for hypnosis certification online is through enrollment in a hypnotherapy school, such as The Horizon Center. The center is led by Linda Campbell, a registered clinical hypnotherapist since 1999. Linda has been helping several individuals achieve their hypnosis certification online for more than a decade now. And, she continues to play a crucial role in the progress (career and personal) in her students.

According to Linda:

As a Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist since 1999, I have been helping my client's solve their mysteries – working with them to figure out what is underneath a  phobia, fear, anxiety, depression, physical symptom and more. It has been quite an education!

Over the years I have gotten very good at picking out patterns, understanding what is going on for the client on a subconscious level, addressing the cause of the client's symptoms, creating effective sessions that really get results, working spontaneously with the client, interacting with the client in hypnosis and creating sessions that are personalized; where the client knows they have been heard and understood. 

My hypnosis certification online courses differ such that I recognize that each person’s circumstances/reality is different. Therefore, I do not use a cookie-cutter approach to hypnotherapy and achieving the client’s goals. There are no generic scripts; no standard diagnosis or hypnotic "cure". 


At Horizon Center Hypnotherapy School, I teach you to look at the context that is unique to each of your clients. You can only make sense of their behavior, and work towards goals when you know the specific events in a person’s life that led to them developing their symptoms. You will be taught to do client centered hypnotherapy which involves uncovering and addressing the cause of the client's symptoms as opposed to simply suggesting them away.

My training is unique in that you will get the benefit of my 20+ years of experience working with clients and getting results. I have had a full time hypnotherapy practice and I know what works. I won't waste your time on techniques and protocols that are not effective. You will also receive a lot of proprietary curriculum that has come out of observing my clients, recognizing their patterns and testing approaches to working with them.

It is one thing to know how to DO hypnosis. it is quite another thing to to able to teach it effectively so that the concepts, interventions and  protocols are understandable and immediately applicable. This is one of my super powers. 

I will teach you all I know through Horizon’s in-depth eye-opening curriculum.


Horizon Center offers one of the best hypnotherapy training courses you’ll find online. There are other hypnosis certification online courses, of course. I could tell you why Horizon’s hypnosis training stands out, and may be better for your future career in clinical hypnosis. But, why not check it out for yourself? Use the sign up form on this page to try out the fist unit of the training for free!


Check out our Online Hypnotherapy Certification and Classroom Instruction courses.

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