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In Person Hypnotherapy Certification training-- In Beautiful Victoria , BC

Thank you for taking time to look into my training!

Hypnotherapy is a fun, creative, meaningful and lucrative career.

The techniques I teach you are powerful, often resulting in the client getting tangible and lasting results within the first 2-3 sessions. You will be taught how to uncover and address the reason for the client’s symptoms and will be qualified to help clients with a  variety of challenges such as anxiety, habit control, depression, pain management and more. This training does NOT involve simply reading affirmation type scripts to a passive client. You will be taught to do engaging, interactive, client centered hypnotherapy.



Once you enroll in the training, you receive access to the curriculum in my content delivery system, Jigsaw Box. You will also receive two manuals totaling over 600 pages of material; a Script and Technique Manual and a Theory manual and a schedule that lays out what you are to have read and studied prior to our weekend meetings.


There are 23 Modules of curriculum in the Jigsaw Box. Modules can vary but typically include a combination of:


  • Powerpoint videos on the different curriculum topics

  • Recordings of real hypnosis sessions so you can get a sense of how sessions flow

  • Audio recordings of radio shows that I have done on the topics we are covering

  • Questions and assignments for you to complete in order to fully embody the techniques


Students are expected to have studied the material prior to class so that class time can be used for  


  • Lectures on new material (I am always updating the training with the latest approaches and theories)

  • Demonstrations of techniques

  • Exercises, games and activities designed to help you develop your skill as well as embody the role of therapist

  • Practice Sessions

Classes meet one weekend a month. In between classes, you can expect to spend 5-10 hours monthly on homework.

I supplement your training by holding twice monthly “supervision” sessions via Zoom. These sessions are open to current and past students of mine and are an opportunity to:


  • Get additional training and support

  • Meet fellow Hypnotherapy enthusiasts

  • Network

  • Get questions answered

  • Get help with clients or volunteers you are working with.




Here is a list of the course objectives.


The last section of the course is spent getting you prepared to transition from student to professional. We will be discussing the business end of running a practice and looking at how you can create a practice that is uniquely YOU! In this section of the course we will discuss:

  • The 30 steps to get your practice up and running

  • How to niche yourself

  • How to find clients

  • Best business practices

  • Creating a practice that is unique and meaningful to you

  • Your website, marketing materials and other promotional tools and ideas




The tuition is $4824 and there are payment plans available so that you can stretch your payments out over 12 or 18 months.  

To enroll, please fill out the application here. I will get back to you within 48 hours to discuss the training with you.