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Personal Growth Opportunities

Chakra Balancing Program

We are energy. And the Chakras are our energy centers; the channels through which energy flows in our body. Each chakra governs particular areas of our body as well as certain emotional and phycological challenges. For example,  your Throat Chakra governs the throat, trachea and  jaw as well as our ability to express ourselves freely and speak our truth. When this chakra is out of balance we can experience physical symptoms such as jaw clenching, or TMJ, and issues with the teeth and gums. We may also find it difficult to advocate or speak up for  ourselves, set boundaries or be honest. By working on the throat chakra, we can help to resolve both the physical and emotional issues associated with the chakra.

Balancing the Chakras is also important because energy tends to flow from the lower Chakras up the spine and into the higher Chakras. The higher Chakras are all  about our connection to our intuition, Higher Self and to the Divine. When the lower Chakras are blocked or unbalanced, that energy cannot flow, leaving us cut off from our intuition and unable to feel that connection to Higher self and higher Powers. If you are someone who values higher consciousness and connecting to Spirit then it is essential that the energy is able to flow freely.

This is why I have developed a complete 7 unit Chakra Balancing Program.

When you purchase this program you receive:

  • - A quiz to answer for each chakra in order to assess  if there is energy flowing through the Chakra or not

  • - Information about the chakra including which areas of the body it governs, the physical and emotional challenges related to that chakra, and how you will know the chakra is balanced

  • - A meditation for balancing each chakra. The track includes brain entrainment technology to help you enter a meditative state, a      healing frequency to balance the chakra, and subliminal suggestions designed for each chakra

  • - A video for each chakra highlighting other ways to balance the chakra using a mantra, gems, herbs and oils, food, affirmations as well as several activities that will help balance each chakra

The fee is only $137 and you have lifetime access to the material. 2 and 4 month payment plans are available.

Self Love Course on Udemy

Self love is fundamental to everything else is our lives. If we see ourselves as unlovable or unworthy it will be more difficult to achieve the goals we set for ourselves or to pursue the things we really want!

This course is a series of animated videos that offer 5 techniques for improving self love and explain the rationale for using them. Each strategy also has an accompanying hypnosis session so that you can integrate the concepts into your subconscious mind and begin doing the deep internal change work that will lead to greater self love.

If you are ready to love yourself more, and see that ripple out and positively effect other areas of your life, then this course is for you. See you inside!

Play Sleep Detective on Udemy

If you have been struggling with sleep, you have probably tried many things to sleep better; melatonin, white noise machines, meditation or mindfulness, deep breathing, improving your "sleep hygiene"-- all without lasting results.


I have been a Hypnotherapist since 1999 and have taught hypnotherapy since 2004. Sleep issues are one of the main goals clients would come to see me for. And what I have learned, helping literally hundreds of people with sleep issues, is that if you have something going on on a subconscious level that is interfering with your sleep, no amount of cutting back on caffeine or swapping out your old mattress for a new one is going to help! We MUST get your subconscious on board in helping you to sleep.


Your subconscious mind runs 90-95% of your behavior. It is also completely illogical and it's primary function is self preservation. What this means is that if your subconscious has a negative association with sleep or a negative belief around sleep, then it will keep you from sleeping in order to "protect" you. It simply doesn't know better!


This course is all about playing "sleep detective". We will be looking into the beliefs, associations and experiences that have had a negative impact on your sleep. And then-- we will change them to get you sleeping better!


First  we will be taking a sleep baseline so that you can see how your sleep is improving as you move through the course.

We will then look at how the subconscious mind works and how it may be preventing you from sleeping in it's charming illogical way. I will provide case studies from my practice so that you have a clear understanding of how the subconscious works.


I will be getting you to think about your sleep from some different angles; taking into consideration messages you may have received about sleep, beliefs you have about sleep as well as any associations you may have with sleep. Once you have more insight into your sleep, I will be showing you how to address what you have discovered in hypnosis so that we can get your subconscious on board helping you to sleep!

I will be giving you two hypnosis sessions in this course.

In the first,  I will address what I typically cover when working with a client who comes to me for sleep issues. And I will reserve some of the time in hypnosis for you to speak to your own subconscious mind to address  any insights about your sleep that you have gained while answering my questions about your sleep.

Not sure how to address your subconscious mind? Don't worry! I have got you covered! I will be teaching you how to speak to your subconscious in a language it understands to begin shifting any negative beliefs you have around sleep or any events that have affected your ability to sleep well.


If you need to go deeper, there is a second hypnosis session that gets you speaking to the "part" of you that is interfering with your sleep to get additional insight into what may be going on.

If you are unsure about using hypnosis, I provide additional material where I give you all the straight facts about hypnosis, cutting through the misconceptions people often have so that you know exactly what to expect, what it will feel like etc.


This is going to be a deep dive into your own psyche. And I am sure that the insights you get and the work that we do together in this course will benefit not only your sleep but other areas of your life as well!

Ready to get better sleep? Enroll in this course and let's get started!

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