Admission requirements

Admission requirements The Horizon Center School of hypnotherapy is committed to enrolling students who meet program admission criteria and who are likely to succeed in achieving their education and career goals. Potential students must hold a minimum of grade 12 education or equivalent or be over 18 potential students must have an interview with the director to determine if they meet the program admission criteria Procedure: 1. Prospective student must meet either in person or via phone with Linda Campbell to discuss the program of interest. 2. Linda Campbell ensure that the student meets all of the admission criteria. The admission criteria cannot be waived by either the school or the applicant. 3. If the student has had prior hypnotherapy training but needs upgrading in order to fit into a program, Linda Campbell will recommend required training 4. After receiving evidence that the prospective student meets all of the admission criteria, Linda Campbell will provide a Student Enrolment Contract and provide access to the policies that will affect the student during his/her completion of the program of study. If, after understanding their rights and responsibilities, the prospective student will sign the contract. The student will be asked to resubmit the contract once it is completed. 5. Once Linda has received the contract back from the student, payment will be taken according to the payment arrangements chosen by the student in the contract. 6. Linda Campbell delivers a copy of the signed contract, along with access to all student policies to the student as follows: a. Dispute Resolution/Grade Appeal Policy b. Dismissal Policy c. Admissions Policy d. Attendance Policy e. Program Outline f. program schedule


The following grading system will be used: A 90-100% B 80-89% c+ 72-79% C 65-71% C- 60-64 % F 59% or less Students are epxceted to receive 80% or more on all assignments and session students who do not achieve the required score of 80% will be given instructions as to how they can improve their grade and will be given another opportunity on the assignment or exam final certification exam must be 80% or more to be certified students who must retake the final exam will pay $100 fee for exam rewrites a student receiving an incomplete must make up the specified deficiency within two months or the incomplete automatically becomes a fail


Full attendance is required in all classes. Students must inform the instructor of any anticipated absences Students are accountable for all material covered in class. If a student misses a class, they are expected to make up the material by doing the online questions, assignments and tests. Students are expected to score 75% on any of these assignmentsstudents must inform the instructor that they will be missing a class at least a week prior to class time Unsatisfactory attendance may result in the student being asked to leave the program or begin again with another intake. Students are expected to arrive on time for the beginning of classes. When a student’s persistent lateness becomes disruptive to the class, the student may be asked to leave the program or corrective action may be taken.

Dismissal and Probation

The Horizon Center School of Hypnotherapy expects students to meet and adhere to a code of conduct while completing a program of study. The list below outlines the code of conduct that all students are expected to follow. If needed, students should request clarification from the director if they have any questions.“Student” is defined as including prospective students as well as those currently registered or enrolled in any Horizon Center School of Hypnotherapy programs or activity

Code of Conduct

Expectations for Students: Attend school in accordance with the Attendance Policy. Treat all students and staff with respect. Treat school property with respect. Complete all assignments and examinations on the scheduled completion dates. The institution forbids; -disruptive or offensive classroom behavior; -bringing weapons of any kind (i.e. knives, guns) to school; -bringing any alcohol or any prohibited mood altering substances to the institution; -making inappropriate remarks concerning another student or staff’s ethnicity, race, religion or sexual orientation -and any other conduct which is determined to be detrimental or damaging to other students, staff members or the Institution. Concerns related to a student’s conduct shall be referred to the director to process in accordance with this Policy. Procedure: 1) All concerns relating to student misconduct shall be directed to the director. Concerns may be brought by volunteers, clients, staff, students or the public. 2) The director will arrange to meet with the student to discuss the concern(s) within 5 days of receiving the complaint. If the alleged conduct is of such a serious nature that an immediate dismissal may be warranted. The director will meet with the student as soon as possible. 3) Following the meeting with the student, the director will conduct whatever further enquiry or investigation is necessary to determine whether the concerns are substantiated. 4) Any necessary inquiries or investigations shall be completed within 5 days of the initial meeting with the student. 5) The director will meet with the student and do one of the following: (a) Determine that the concern(s) were not substantiated; (b) Determine that the concern(s) were substantiated, in whole or in part, and either: (i) Give the student a warning setting out the consequences of further misconduct; (ii) Set a probationary period with appropriate conditions; or(iii) Recommend that the student be dismissed from the Institution. 6) The director will prepare a written summary of the determination. A copy shall be given to the student, a copy will be placed in the institutions complaint file, and the original will be placed in the student file. 7) If the student is issued a warning or placed on probation, the director and the student both sign the written warning or probationary conditions and the student is given a copy. The original document is placed in the student’s file. 8) If the recommendation is to dismiss the student, the director of the school will meet with the student to dismiss him/her from study at the school. The director of the school will deliver to the student a letter of dismissal and a calculation of refund due or tuition owing, depending on the status of the student’s financial account with the school. 9) If a refund is due to the student, the head of school will ensure that a cheque is forwarded to the student within 30 days of the dismissal. 10) If the student owes tuition or other fees to the school, the head of the school may undertake the collection of the amount owing. Students may be placed on probation or dismissed for the following reasons: -disruptive or unprofessional behavior -grade of less than 60% in the program -attendance of less than 90% of the program -inability to meet financial obligations -sexual harassment of fellow students, faculty, staff or clients -untreated chemical dependency -dishonesty in admission application -disrespect towards classmates, faculty or clients -cheating or plagiarism dispute and resolution policy If a student has concerns about the program content, instruction, or other program related issues, these are be taken to the administration, either verbally or in writing. These concerns will be responded to within 14 days. When a student is in dispute a conflict with another student, staff member or the administration, they are first encouraged to contact the person there in dispute with /conflict with and settle it between themselves. After following the previous process, it shouldn’t unresolved disagreement occur between the student and the horizon center school of hypnotherapy, the following policies and procedures must be followed to ensure resolution: a. a mediator suitable to both party shall be designated to review unresolved complaints, disagreements and disputes within seven days b. the mediator shall request written submissions from both parties within 14 days from the date of the appointment c. The mediator shall review the written submission, conduct necessary investigations and provide a written decision to both parties within 30 days from the date of the appointment. The decision of the mediator shall be final. Grade appeal If a student is dissatisfied with a grade received and can provide evidence that a higher grade is warranted he/she should discuss with his/her instructor. The instructor will reconsider the grade and, if warranted, assign a different grade. Privacy The Horizon Center School of Hypnotherapy collects, uses, retains and discloses information in accordance with the Personal Information Protection Act (“PIPA”). The Horizon Center School of Hypnotherapy may share and disclose personal information within the institution to carry out its mandate and operations. Information, in aggregate form only, may also be used for research purposes and statistics

Student Records

A student’s record includes, as applicable: a student enrolment contract; evidence a student met all admission requirements and entrance examinations; financial records, attendance records; documentation of any dispute, grade appeals or dismissal; copies of study permits and practicum/work placement information. The Horizon Center School of Hypnotherapy retains student records for a period of seven (7) years following the student’s withdrawal, dismissal or graduation. After seven years, the student record is destroyed using a secure destruction method.Within 60 days of a student completion of the program of study or withdrawal or dismissal, The Horizon Center School of Hypnotherapy uploads a copy of the students’ enrolment contract, transcript and diploma or certificate (if any) to an approved third-party vendor. These records are retained for a period of fifty-five (55) years. Access to student’s records Student records are maintained in a secure storage medium in a secure location.Upon written request to Linda Campbell, a student may access his/her records for a fee of $0.25 per page.

Safety Policy

The Horizon Center School of Hypnotherapy is committed to providing a healthy and safe, working and learning environment for all employees and students. The policy applies to all Horizon Center School of Hypnotherapy employees and students. Procedure for Fire Safety: In the event of a fire emergency, Linda Campbell will dial 911 and advise the fire department of the location of the school. They will provide details of the type of fire (if known) and the location of the fire within the campus. Linda Campbell will advise all students to evacuate the campus. Linda Campbell will escort students to Pluto’s restaurant and check that the students are present Linda Campbell will act as a liaison between fire officials and students/employees during the emergency. If necessary, Linda Campbell will authorize school closure.No student or employee will re-enter the campus until the fire officials have authorized re-entry. Procedure for Earthquake Safety: In the event of an earthquake emergency, all staff and students will take cover and remain under cover until the shaking stops.When it is deemed safe to do so, Linda Campbell will advise students to evacuate the campus. Linda Campbell will escort students to Pluto’s restaurant and ensure that everyone is present Linda Campbell will act as a liaison between rescue officials and students/employees during the emergency. If necessary, Linda Campbell will authorize school closure.No student or employee will re-enter the campus until the rescue officials have authorized re-entry.

Withdrawl and Refunds

If a student decides to withdraw from a program, he/she must provide a dated, written, notice of withdrawal to Linda Campbell. Refunds are calculated according to The Horizon Center's Refund Policy and the date on which the written notice of withdrawal is received will be used to determine any refund owing.