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Self care and the timing of starting your practice

another tidbit from my recent conversation with a grad of mine-- the timing of when to start your practice.

If your cup is empty, that is the first job--to refill the cup.This may mean starting a practice. It may mean doing other things to create balance again first.

Perhaps starting a practice is the very thing that will fill your cup. If so, do it! This work is meaningful, energizing and satisfying. It feels GREAT to be of service to others and to see them getting results and improving their own lives. I often find that when I have things going on in my own life that when I come to work, I get so focused on my clients that my "stuff" just seems to disappear.

But, if starting a practice feels like wayyyy too much due to other obligations, draws on your energy or time, then maybe waiting is the best step. But, I don't mean passively waiting for things to get better,. If we are waiting for a perfect time, it will never come. there will always be obligations and responsibilities and we can start to use them as an excuse to never get going. I guess instead of waiting, i mean FIXING, if there are other draws on your time and energy then the first step is to take care of that. Do hypnosis, maybe. Make changes. Set boundaries. Start saying "no". Start doing whatever brings you back into balance.

The bottom line--your own health and well being comes FIRST. ALWAYS. You cannot effectively be there for others if you are coming from a place of depletion. Self care. Self care. Self care.

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