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Follow up can lead to more sessions

Check in with past clients every now and then.

I recommend that once a month, you go through your client list and reach out to past clients. it might be "hey, its been a little while since we last worked together. I am wondering how you are doing. If things are going well for you, I would love to know! And if you are feeling you need a refresher, I am here"

This simple message: - shows you care about your clients - keeps you in their mind - May lead to a testimonial- if the client responds with "thanks for checking in. I am doing great! I have lost 10 lbs so far and it is really easy" or whatever else they offer, I follow up and say "hey! that is great. do you mind if I use that as a testimonial?" - May lead to more sessions- if the clients results have slipped or something new has come up for them, by reaching out you are reminding them that you are still available to them - May lead to referrals- a client might write back and say they are doing well and don't need any more sessions in which case i say "great! If you know of anyone who could use help with (topics i like to work on) please send them my way! I would really appreciate i"

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