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How to Choose Your Hypnotherapy School

November 8, 2022 This is a topic that get pretty passionate about so get ready for my rant! If you have looked into hypnotherapy training, you will see it is pretty confusing--there is everything from "you can learn hypnotherapy in 1.5 hours" to programs where you need a PDH to register! And the problem is that most people don't really understand what hypnotherapy is and therefore don't know that they are getting terribly ripped off when they spend thousands of dollars on a program only to find to that what they were taught is dangerous, not useable or doesn't get results for their clients. In this episode I discuss why you cannot learn hypnotherapy in a weekend and give you some questions to ask any instructor you are considering learning from. it is my mission to make sure people are well informed, well trained and well supported in their journey of healing. So--listen to this BEFORE you sign up for a training!

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