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Always learning from my students...

really interesting coffee date with a graduate of mine. So many interesting topics came up.

One of the things we discussing is what the Hypnotherapy course was like from her perspective. This is really interesting for me to hear, having never been student in my own class.

She talked about how so much came up for her during the class. My class causes people to look at their own behaviors, histories, belief systems. So...on top of learning hypnosis, answering questions in the online component of the course, living life, doing their other job, practicing on volunteers and classmates, students are ALSO getting more insight into their choices, actions, emotions. And it can be challenging and humbling. Our stuff floats up so we can have a look at it, understand it, resolve it and be done with it. But that is HARD work.

She said she didn't know what to do with that outside of the course. In class, she had a group of people who were also going through the same thing, learning what she was learning, self examining--but outside of class is a different story. The people in our lives don't necessarily understand this deep dive and what it brings up.

So- I'm looking at how to address this in class. Some ideas-- doing work on my students in the moment when things come up as an opportunity to help them but to also show how we address these challenges with a client. Doing hypnosis sessions more regularly on my students as a group-- talking them through how to deal with what comes up, how to let go of regrets, how to learn from past experiences, how to process outside of class.

I am always learning from my students and am so grateful to hear their experiences so I can continue to improve my training. Thanks, Jenn, for the great chat!

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