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My Ideal Student...

Potential students for my Hypnotherapy Certification course often ask me if there are prerequisites for the training. And usually I say "no". And that IS true. There are no prerequisites in terms of education or previous experience with hypnosis.

But I am realizing there are things I am looking for in my students.

1) I want students who are teachable- are you able to take feedback and apply it? Can you work well in a group with other people? Are you open minded to new information (as opposed to already knowing everything there is to know), are you coming to learn and grow or to show everyone how smart you already are?

2) I want students who are well adjusted. I have had some students who get easily triggered, or who don't have the ability to focus on the training due to the drama going on in their lives. My training, and the career it will prepare you for, will involve listening to people's personal stories and to do this effectively you need to be able to put your own challenges aside, stay present with the client and to leave your own stuff out of the room. My course does involve personal growth, working through whatever is still active within you, developing self awareness so as not to be affected by what a client is sharing. But my ideal student is someone who already has some skill with this or is, at least, teachable when it comes to these skills.

3) I want students who are open minded- the study of Hypnotherapy can take us into some pretty amazing and magical places. And quite honestly, I am at a point in my career where these are places I want to go. So I want students who get excited when they hear words like non locality, energy, vibration, frequency, mind over matter, consciousness, telepathy, channeling, past lives, the Source, and astral travel. If you hear those words and scoff, then please DO NOT take my training! At this point, I am discussing these things in the pre-enrolment interview and I will not, at this point in my life, take on students who do not have this level of open-mindedness

4) I want students who are good, kind human beings! I am dedicating a year of my life--and often more because many of my students stay connected in some capacity-- and I am unwilling to spend my time with people who are nasty, narcissistic, manipulative or judgmental.

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