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Qualities of The Subconscious Mind

Hypnotherapy allows us access to the Subconscious (SC) mind. That's what makes it so powerful!

-The SC contains your belief system. We often have old beliefs that stem back to messages we received directly or directly as kids (ex. observing your parents relationship teaches you a lot about roles, communication, what love looks like etc) These old beliefs can affect how we make choices later on in life. And we might not even be aware that some old program is running behind the scenes and directing our behavior! By accessing the SC, we can identity beliefs that are limiting a person and change them.

- The SC contains our entire life history. Therefore, we can trace back to the origins of a behavior or emotion and discover where it came from. I sometimes get clients who are baffled by their own behavior--thinking they are sabotaging themselves or that they should "know better". With hypnotherapy, we are able to get insight into a behavior or emotion by identifying it's origin. -It is protective in nature. This means its main function is to keep you safe. But because it is also illogical it operates very simplistically. it will cause us to avoid something we are punished for and move towards what we are rewarded for. For example if someone makes fun of us when we try something new, that feeling of punishment will make it difficult for us to try new things later in life. If we are rewarded for being a caretaker as a child, we will continue to out others before us later in life. -The SC refers to the past to know how to deal with a present situation. Example- if you were cheated on in the past, the SC will assume a new partner could potentially cheat and we will feel suspicious even if they have done nothing to warrant our suspicion. By accessing the SC, we can make changes occur much more quickly!

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