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Why not just take a 14 hour, $17 "hypnotherapy certification " course?

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

Recently, I was asked by someone why they should take a $4800 Hypnotherapy training when they can get a 14 hour Hypnosis certification courses other places online for $17.

Where to begin...

First, lets recall the old saying: "you get what you paid for”

Sure it’s possible to find many different types of programs--but if one really wants a successful career in hypnotherapy, they need to do their homework and take their profession-to-be seriously.

What are the differences?

1. Legitimacy .- most legitimate governing bodies will NOT certify a student who has taken a course under 150 hours in length. It’s possible to take a short course and they might print off a "certificate" but there will be MANY fundamental skills, processes and techniques missing from a short program. Look into the governing body. There are associations out there that have been shown to have low standards when someone submitted an application for their cat--and the cat got a certificate. A potential student needs to make sure the association is legitimate and that the course they are considering meets the educational requirements

2. Length .- I wanted to pull out my hair when asked how my 162 hour course compared with a 14 hour one. Ummm. Math, people. I cover in ONE weekend of my 12 weekend course what would be covered in the entire $17 program.

3. Supervision .- A student needs to be seen doing the techniques and to get feedback so that they can ensure they are doing them correctly. If they are working through units online without anyone observing them and giving them constructive criticism, they risk learning bad habits which will effect the results they get

4. Confidence .- In order to be successful with hypnotherapy, a person needs confidence with the protocols. If a client gets the sense the therapist lacks confidence, that will interfere with them getting results, assuming they even want to work with that therapist . By taking a longer course, and getting feedback on practice sessions, the student develops confidence with their skills and that, in turn, leads to more success with clients

5. The techniques .- I will be the first to admit that there is a lot of bad hypnosis going on out there. I warn against taking any course that is merely teaching the student to give suggestions to a passive client. This is NOT GOOD HYPNOSIS! Effective hypnosis is client centered-- it uses the clients language, experience, relevant history. It looks for the cause of the clients problem, instead of suggesting away symptoms. If the course one is considering proudly states it has a 1000 page script book--run for the hills! What will be taught will not be effective with the vast majority of clients

I know it is confusing to navigate the various offerings that are out there. But, again, I suggest that if one wants to be taken seriously and have a successful career, they should get the best training they can.

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