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When I was studying to be a teacher, the year I did my practicum the teacher whose class I was in was retiring. She opened her cupboards and doors to me and told me to take whatever I wanted. I was in Heaven! I ravenously sorted through games, materials, lesson plans, books, and other resources feeling like I had hit the jackpot!

And this tendency to collect and curate resources has stuck with me. When I became a hypnotherapist, I had several alphabetized binders of articles, scripts, theories and tips on how to address specific goals. Every time I had a client with a goal I had never worked on, I would do more research and add the materials I found to my binders.

When I opened my Hypnotherapy school, I added to my already huge library of personal and spiritual growth books, books and resources specific to working with clients in Hypnosis. 

Even to this day, my constant collection of resources has not slowed!  Not a day goes by when I don't  find myself reading something written by another author and thinking "This is great material! It would work great for {client} in hypnosis!" I find constant inspiration in the books I read, podcasts I listen to, clients I work with, courses I attend and conversations I have.  And I am passing all of this inspiration on to you!

Welcome to the Inspiration Library!

I know that when we are starting out in Hypnotherapy, we often need ideas for knowing how to work with clients on particular goals and that it can take a lot of time researching, studying and reading to feel like we might have a handle on how to approach a specific symptom.

And even as we mature in our Hypnotherapy career, and have a greater internal reference library to draw on, we still could benefit from making sure we have fresh ideas so we don't get stale and can really tailor our approach to each client, giving them a a more personal and meaningful experience.


There is always so much more to learn about hypnosis-- not to mention human behavior, neuroplasticity, psychology, and all things related to working with clients. Over my 20+ year career, I have collected so many amazing resources! And just like my practicum techer did when she retired, I am passing all of these resources on to you.

Why join? What do I have to offer you? well! Thanks for asking. 

Over my 20+ year career as a Hypnotherapist:

  • I have helped thousands of clients with a variety of challenges like insomnia, pain management, phobias, complex trauma, PTSD, OCD, weight loss, smoking, habit control, self esteem and more. And I have both collected and written scripts and techniques that are applicable to these goals. I am passing all of this material on to you!

  • I have been invited over 50 times to appear on a talk radio show to discuss various applications of hypnosis. I would offer about a half hour worth of material-- perhaps some theory, or some studies, or statistics or some tips and hints, some science or neuroscience and it would be followed with a half hour of open lines so people could call in and ask questions about the topic. Because I could be asked any question about the topic  I  needed to be well researched, well informed and ready. I am passing all of this research and information on to you!

  • Aside from taking two years of Hypnotherapy training, I have also studied trauma, complex trauma, positive psychology, birthing with hypnosis, treating depression and anxiety, telehealth, and have completed several marketing and sales training. I am passing all this material on to you!

  • I have been teaching Hypnotherapy since 2004 and am always finding resources and materials for my students. I am passing these resources on to you!

  • I have regularly spoken at conferences as well as conducted my own workshops and trainings. I am passing this material on to you!

When you join the Inspiration Library, you receive a minimum of 4 pieces of inspiration per month. This might be:

  • A script written by me or someone else

  • A useful article, podcast episode, YouTube video- with an explanation of how it can be helpful to your clients

  • A piece of writing or, some other media, that inspired work with a client 

  • A book recommendation

  • A technique applicable to working with Hypnotherapy clients

  • Material from a workshop or course I have attended or taught


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