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Inner Circle Membership

My goal has always been to support my students in having a thriving practice as much as possible. So, I have created the Inner Circle Membership for graduates of my program who are serious about having a successful practice and who want to continue to learn, grow, and stay connected. This membership is available by invitation or application only. For about the price of one hypnotherapy session, you  get resources, support and supervision to take your practice to the  next  level. 



Inner Circle membership includes:

  • One on One mentoring- get one hour of one on one time per month to consult with me. This can be divided into 20, 30 or 60 minute periods. Get advice on clients, get feedback on sessions, get hypnosis on your own goals- it's up to you how to use the time! *Note: hours do not roll over month to month $160 value

  • $50 per hour mentoring- if the one hour of 1:1 time is not enough, you can book additional time for $50/hour. This could be used to work on your own goals or for help with your practice. $160 value

  • Access to the Demo Session Library- Watch real clients working on real goals. I give you everything I do with the client; videos of consultations and sessions, ABC chart for planning sessions, my session plan, "directors cuts" of sessions where I explain why I did what I did. Receive a minimum of 4 videos per month. $57 value

  • Access to the Script and Technique Library - Receive a minimum of 4 scripts or techniques every month so you always have inspiration and fresh approaches to working with clients $37 value

  • 2 hours of group supervision monthly- meet with other Inner Circle members to discuss your practices, get help with clients and network.

  • Session Exchange Forum- Want to get hypnosis sessions and work on your own goals? Want more practice giving sessions? In the forum you can connect with other trained hypnotherapists and exchange sessions on each other. Post your request or respond to someone else. Do free sessions or negotiate a price . It is up to you!

  • 50% off workshop tuition- Inner Circle members are given priority when it comes to attending workshops and will receive 50% off their tuition $50-200 value

  • Bonus: Chakra Balancing Program- use the program to keep energy moving through your chakras or use it to see how programs are set up $137 value

This is a monthly membership that is available by invitation or application only.  You can cancel at anytime. There is no obligation to commit to a particular length of time in the program.

Criteria for membership:

Inner Circle members must:

  • Be able to work effectively in a  group setting- show acceptance and support of fellow members, reserve judgment, be open minded.

  • Bring "something" to the table- member must have knowledge, experience, training and/or ideas that are helpful to other members. Must be willing to contribute in a meaningful way.

  • Have been successful in their hypnotherapy training- completed all of their assignments and practicum with an 80% average or higher. 

  • Display the qualities of a therapist including good listening skills, empathy, compassion and unconditional positive regard.

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