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The Plunge

  • Are there things you want to achieve but you are feeling stuck?

  • Do you feel like you sabotage yourself when it comes to accomplishing your goals?

  • Do you feel frustrated that you are an intelligent person and yet you can't seem to do this one thing?

  • Would you like more self awareness, insight and clarity?

  • Would you like to move past your challenges and become a higher, more enlightened version of yourself?

If so...take The Plunge!

What is The Plunge?

I have been teaching Hypnotherapy since 2004 and one of the things my students always say that they loved about the course was the amount of personal growth they achieved while in my program. 

 I had an interesting conversation with one of my former students-- ok it was my husband -- but he IS a former student. It gave me a really interesting perspective of my Hypnotherapy training. experience of my training is so different from the experience my students are having. They begin to apply the concepts and theories to themselves and to think about their own lives, patterns, relationships, behaviors and coping mechanisms. They are picking a goal and then working on that goal with classmates, they are going into hypnosis and accessing their subconscious mind to get insights and clarity. They are doing REAL WORK. At least MOST of them are.

My husband told me that when he took my training there was a point where he needed to decide if he was going to "take the plunge" or not. If he didn't take the plunge, he would learn the material, he would get the techniques and the theory and the steps for how to address particular goals the client would be working on. He would get good training and come out with good skills.

Ahhh...but taking the plunge... that's a whole different ballgame. When you take the plunge, you not only get a theoretical understanding of the information, you get an experiential understanding of it.


Taking the plunge means doing the deep internal work. Taking the plunge means being vulnerable, it means being courageous, it means being willing, it means coming out of the course differently from when you went in.


And out of that conversation came a great idea-- let's take the Hypnotherapy certification part out of it and offer guessed it...The Plunge!

The Plunge is a 8 month Personal Development program where we will look at the impact of events, experiences and relationships on your belief system, emotions and behavior.


We will look at the common beliefs we all form such as "I am not enough", I am not safe", I am unlovable". We will identify the course of these negative beliefs and do work together to shift them.

The program involves meeting one weekend a month via Zoom. It also requires that you be willing to go deep. 

if you are tired of feeling unlovable, tired of struggling to achieve your goals, tired of questioning if you are enough and tired of being tired-- then this program is for you!

Curriculum by month

Month 1- " I am safe"

In month 1 you will meet your fellow classmates on this personal growth journey. They will become your confidants, your supporters, and will hold space for you while you make the changes you wish to make.

In month 1, we will focus on the belief "I am safe".  Our sense of feeling safe and secure in the world is crucial to achieving anything else. Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs suggests that safety is the first thing we mist achieve before we can achieve anything else-- and I whole heartedly agree. if we are bust running from a threat, we have no time or energy to achieve anything else! We cannot thrive if we are simply trying to survive.

If you have ever had an experience where you have felt unsafe, you may still be responding to that event on a subconscious lever. The subconscious does not understand passage of time and it's job it to protect you. So, if being vigilant was necessary earlier on in your life, that program of vigilance may still be running and interfering with your ability to move forward with other goals. 

In month one we will look at events or situation that made you feel unsafe-- starting even before your pre-birth and we will be doing exercises to help your subconscious understand that you ARE safe now and that it is ok to shut off that vigilance and have all that energy freed up for other goals. 

We will look at the coping mechanisms people tend to develop as a result of not feeling safe- and we will work to update or release coping mechanisms that are holding you back and are no longer necessary.

Month 2- "I am lovable"

 We get messages from the people around us throughout our lives.  Some of these messages are direct; things people actually say to us. For example, the kid in school who calls you a loser, your sister calling you a brat, mom saying she sometimes wishes she never had kids. 

Some of the messages are indirect. We pick up a lot of information by observing someone's body language, tone of voice, facial expression or language. When my father would come home from work, I would listen to whether he threw his keys or placed them to get a sense of what kind of evening it was going to be.

When we are little we have no ability to look at a negative message we have gotten from someone with much objectivity. We don't say, "Oh maybe my mom has her own issues and this has nothing to do with me"! If a person who is supposed to love us unconditionally and take care of us seems to be doing otherwise, the assumption we make is that it is OUR fault; we are unlovable. 

The same occurs when we get a negative message from a peer, someone in a position of authority such as a teacher or coach or basically anyone who we want to be accepted by.

And sometimes when we feel we aren't  accepted or have received critical messages, we try and find ways to be accepted. We become people pleasers or perfectionists. The logic being, "If I am perfect there will be nothing critical they can say " or "If I please them , they will treat me more kindly." 

And once a coping mechanism like this is adopted it can be applied in our other relationships as well.

In Month 2, we will look at negative messages you received that have made you feel unlovable and we will get those negative messages out of your psyche so that they no longer limit or dictate to you what you are capable of doing. We will also work on releasing any coping mechanisms that you used to try and be accepted and build up your own level of self acceptance.

Month 3- "I am enough"

We come into the world feeling pretty good about ourselves. If a baby is hungry at 3 am, it doesn't think, "Oh maybe I don't deserve food. maybe I shouldn't burden anyone"! That baby cries out and let's everyone know it has a need it wants met.

We come into the world innocent, open to learn and ready to explore. We are intuitive, creative and able to express our emotions easily. We explore our bodies, our environments and others freely. We look at the world with awe and wonder. We finger-paint with wild abandon.

We believe we can be cowboys, doctors or, in my case, fairy godmothers. We are amused by the ceiling fan. We are soothed by a loving touch.


And then what?


We are told: “You can’t be hungry. You just ate” and “You can’t make money doing art”. We are made to question our talents, skills and selves.

We are told to be “realistic” and “practical”.


We are told we are “not enough” or “too much”.


We get hurt. We get betrayed. We are left. We are bullied.


We feel grief. Loss. Sadness. Fear.


And we tend to internalize all of this. We think these scoldings or criticisms or "No's" are because we are bad, or wrong or not enough. And once we begin to think we are unworthy, it affects our self esteem, confidence and pretty much everything else! 

In month 3 we will look at the situations that have made you feel unworthy and remove the impact of those experiences. We will do exercises to help  you truly love yourself again!


Month 4 "I am forgiven"

Not only do we get negative messages from other people, we give them to ourselves. We beat ourselves up over past events, we flog ourselves when we make a mistake.  We have a nasty voice inside our heads that says things to us we would never say to another person!

In month 4 we will look at events you have criticized yourself for and we will work to develop more understanding, self compassion and empathy. We will look at practical ways to learn from past experiences so that they won't be repeated. You will come out of month 4 more loving towards yourself with a self care plan that will be a joy to implement.

Month 5 "I am supported"

 By this time you will be feeling so much better! You will feel more grounded, more self loving, calmer, more compassionate. And so now we can turn our attention to really thriving and being able to achieve whatever you desire in your life, feeling more confident and with greater self esteem. 

So far, the work we have been doing has been about updating what is going on within your subconscious mind, one of your 3 allies in transformation.

In month 5, we will work on developing a relationship with your second ally; your Higher Self. Month 5 is jam packed with tools for getting answers from within, and developing your intuition so that you can make clear and healthy decisions for yourself, get information you may not have gotten prior and feel grounded in your connection to self.


Month 6 "I am connected"

All human beings are connected. And just as the messages we have gotten from others have an impact on us, good or bad, what you do has an impact on others. 

In Month 6, we will work on your ability to put more good into the word, look at others with compassion and empathy, let go of judgment and take responsibility for ho you show up in the world.

Month 7 "I am Divine"

Month 7 is all about developing a relationship with the third ally in transformation, the Universe.

We are all part of the Divine. We are all capable of co-creating our lives with the Divine. We are capable of creating what we desire-- when we have the right tools and knowledge.

Month 7 will provide you those tools and give you an opportunity to work with them to begin creating the life of your dreams. 

Month 8 "I am complete"

Our last weekend together will be an opportunity to reflect back on our time, celebrate our changes and growth as well as the relationships we have formed while in class together. 

On month 8 we will look at how to move forward with this new knowledge and information we have. We will look at what is next for you in terms of your growth and how you might use what we have learned in this course to continue to co-create the circumstances you want. 

The Plunge will start In Jan 2022. I will be accepting applications in Nov. 

Investment is $2497 Payment plans are available 

NOYT: In order to take The Plunge, you must first have attended a "You are NOT Broken" workshop

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