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You are NOT Broken

​So many of my clients tell me things like "I am broken" or  "I self sabotage".  

99.9% of the time, no matter what a client comes to see me about, no matter how dysfunctional their behavior appears, no matter how "broken" they think they are, the symptoms they share with me make sense when you understand how the mind works.

Much of our behavior is a result of:

-The messages we receive growing up

-The coping mechanisms we adopt early on in life to deal with our circumstances

-The associations that get set up on a subconscious level

-The subconscious trying to keep you safe

However, when we don't understand these concepts, our behavior can be frustrating to us and leave us feeling we are somehow flawed and will never achieve the goals that matter to us. 

In this eye opening and thought provoking workshop, I will help you to understand why you do what you do, think what you think and feel what you feel.

And with this knowledge and insight, it is easier to make different choices.

How do you know this workshop is for you?

Have a look at the various areas of your life. Is there anything you struggle with? Anything that you seem to put a lot of time and effort into only to find yourself going in circles?

- Do you have the money you would like to have?

- Are your relationships as fulfilling and healthy as you want them to be?

- Is your weight where you want it?

- Do you feel satisfied with your career?

- Do you experience stress or anxiety frequently?

- Do you seem unable to complete important projects or achieve goals you set for yourself?

- Do you feel you are an otherwise successful and intelligent person but there is this one area that is driving you nuts?


If you have an area of your life that creates frustration for you, where you tend to procrastinate or where you can't seem to get results or be consistent, it could be because there is something going on within your mind that is keeping you from getting results. This course will help you identify what that might be!

Participants do not need to share in order to receive the benefit of this workshop. Even listening to the theory will help you to apply it to your own situation and experience growth. 

Upcoming Workshops:


Nov 10 6-9 pm 

Nov 17 6-9 pm

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