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About Hypnotherapy

Hypnosis involves taking a person into an altered state of consciousness which really involves slowing down your brain waves. When we are awake we are in a Beta state, meaning our brainwaves are active and we feel alert.

If you were to close your eyes, take a couple deep breathes and relax, you would go into an Alpha state.

This is a place of   relaxation ,no worries, fears or frustrations, heightened intuition, inspiration, creativity, and Inner consciousness. It is a state where it feels as though there is limitless time and space where we have expanded awareness and where we learn more effectively. This is also a light hypnotic, or meditative, state


Some people may even enter into an even deeper Theta state which is familiar to people as it is the state you pass through right before you fall asleep where you know you are not asleep yet but you may feel as though you are dreaming.

In an Alpha or Theta state, we have access to the Subconscious mind. The subconscious mind contains all of our beliefs, our history and is the seat of our creativity and emotions. By accessing the subconscious mind we can determine the cause of a client's symptoms. By understanding the origins of the symptoms we can then address them. We can do this using imagery and symbolism, which speaks to the creative subconscious. We can also reframe experiences so that they no longer have a negative impact on the client.


Hypnotherapy, therefore, involves using a lowered brain wave state  to help a client to overcome a problem or achieve insight into an issue.


Using Hypnotherapy, a client is able to:

  •  Explore and change beliefs

  • Alter behaviors

  • Understand and change the imprint of past experiences

  • Gain insight into an issue

  • Tap into the creative mind and find solutions to problems that were previously elusive

  • Understand where emotions stem from and change how they respond to events

  • Be receptive to suggestions to enhance your well being and health.

My methods of using Hypnotherapy do not involve:

  • - Having a client relive any past experiences-Some therapists believe that in order to no longer feel emotion around a traumatic event that you must go over and over it until you feel nothing. This is NOT my approach. Instead, I look at how that event impacted on you and provide a different perspective to your subconscious so that we can remove the negative impact. 

  • -Reading impersonal scripts to a client- My students will be taught what I know works and reading a generic script to a passive client does not work.  You will learn to personalize the work you do, addressing the clients relevant history, using their language and motivation and adapting what you do to meet their needs and preferences

  • -The therapist having all the answers or solutions-  With my approach, I believe that the client has all of their answers within  and the job of the hypnotherapist is to help the client access those answers. It is not up to the hypnotherapist to provide solutions, answers or to "fix" the client. Rather, the hypnotherapist is a guide using the interventions and skills they have acquired to direct the client to access their own subconscious mind in order to get insight and clarity and make the changes they wish to make 


About your instructor; Linda Sevilla (Previously Campbell)

I have been working as a Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist since 1999.

I love helping clients solve their mysteries – – delving into what’s behind their fear or phobia, clearing up the psychosomatic portion of physical discomfort, soothing a mind that is suffering from anxiety, OCD or post traumatic stress disorder, uncovering the real reason a client is hanging onto weight or their cigarettes – – – to name a few.


I have helped literally 1000′s of clients turns their lives around and achieve their goals.


Having been a teacher in my “former life", I opened  the Horizon Center  in 2004. Since that time, I have provided quality, hands-on training that is focused on doing client centered work and uncovering and addressing the cause of the client's symptoms as opposed to merely suggesting them away. I love teaching hypnotherapy and am always excited to see how my students change and grow as they move through the program. it is impossible to study hypnotherapy without also beginning to look at yourself, your own life, your history, your beliefs, your relationships Students often remark that even more inspiring than the in depth, eye-opening curriculum is the amount of personal growth that they experience while going through the course. The Horizon Center has been recognized by the International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association for Excellence in Hypnotherapy training. 


I was a frequent guest on the AM radio talk show “Talk It Over” with host Terry Spence, appearing 52 times to talk about different aspects of hypnosis. I also did live hypnosis demonstrations on The Zone 91.3 helping cohost of the morning show, Jason Lamb, quit smoking.


I have been invited to speak and run workshops at the International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association Hypnotherapy conference and the Association of Registered Clinical Hypnotherapists  Conference and am the author of an upcoming book on Hypnotherapy. I am the founder and past president of the Canadian Association of Counseling Hypnotherapists and Educators (CACHE) 


Below are the pre-suppositions I hold about my clients. This may give you a sense of what I teach and what I am like as a therapist.



  • People are not broken. Therefore, they do not need to be fixed.

  • We all come into the world perfect—then life happens

  • It’s not the events in our lives that causes us our problems, it is the meaning we attach to them.

  • A person’s behavior (symptoms) always make sense when you understand the context in which they were formed. Get curious.

  • People are not their behavior. Accept the person. Change the behavior.

  • There is a positive intention behind every behavior, no matter how dysfunctional it appears from the outside.

  • There is no reality; only perspective.

  • We all have our own unique model of the world. You job is to understand your client’s model and work with it.

  • Everything in our environment is a result of what is in our mind.

  • We are in charge of our own minds; therefore, we are in charge of our results and external circumstances.

  • Your client has all of the resources within them that are needed to resolve their symptoms.

  • You do not need to have all the answers.

  • There is no such thing as failure, only feedback.

Aside from being a hypnotherapist, I am also a remote viewer, the co-founder of the Ascension Center for Higher Consciousness and I am an artist who creates jewelry from my art

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