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How to Choose Your Hypnotherapy School


Choosing the right hypnotherapy school is crucial for your success and growth as a hypnotherapist. Here are key factors to consider when making this important decision:

1. Trainer Compatibility

  • Comfort and Rapport: Hypnosis requires a deep level of trust and rapport. Ensure that the trainer is someone you feel comfortable with and can relate to. You should feel safe, understood, and enjoy being in their class.

  • Personality Fit: Different trainers have different personalities and teaching styles. It's important to find a trainer whose style resonates with you and makes learning an enjoyable experience.


2. Training Style

  • Client-Centered Approach: Look for a school that emphasizes a client-centered approach where you learn to create your own scripts and sessions tailored to each client’s unique needs. Avoid programs that provide only generic scripts. You need toknow what to do if there is no script that alings with what your lcient has come to work on. You need to know how to write your own material that takes your client into consideration.

  • Practical Experience: Have a session with the trainer to experience their style firsthand. This will help you determine if their methods align with what you want to learn.


3. Trainer's Experience and Credibility

  • Field Experience: Ensure the trainer has significant experience in hypnotherapy. How long have they been practicing? Do they see clients regularly? Continued practice indicates staying current with the latest techniques and understanding real-world challenges.

  • Continuing Education: A good trainer continues their own education, demonstrating a commitment to professional growth and staying updated on new developments in the field.

  • Testimonials and Results: Check testimonials from previous students and clients. A trainer who achieves real results is more likely to provide valuable training.


4. Teaching Background

  • Educational Skills: Trainers with a teaching background can effectively communicate complex concepts and provide relevant exercises and homework to reinforce learning. This can be particularly beneficial for understanding and applying hypnotherapy techniques.


5. Professional Training vs. Stage Hypnosis

  • Hypnotherapy Training: Be cautious of former stage hypnotists who have turned to hypnotherapy without proper training. The skills needed for stage hypnosis are different from those required for therapeutic work. This is everything from the hypnotic voice, use of suggestions, focus on the client's comfort and well being, level of empathy. There are many things that are different between doing stage hypnosis and therapuetic hypnosis.

  • Therapeutic Focus: Hypnotherapy should prioritize client comfort, well-being, and uncovering the underlying causes of symptoms, rather than just performing impressive acts.


6. Focus on Root Causes

  • Underlying Issues: Choose a school that emphasizes the importance of uncovering and addressing the underlying causes of symptoms for lasting results. Symptom-focused approaches may not lead to long-term change.


7. Course Length and Certification

  • Comprehensive Training: Ensure the course is at least 150 hours and delivered over time. Legitimate governing bodies will not certify students who have taken condensed training programs. Adequate time is needed to get comfortable and confident in learning techniques.

  • Recognized Credentials: Check if the school is accredited by relevant professional organizations. Ensure the program meets industry standards and enhances your credibility as a practitioner.


8. Continuing Education and Support

  • Ongoing Support: After graduation, it's beneficial to have access to continuing education and support. This includes advanced courses, regular updates, and a community of peers and mentors.

  • Business Support: Setting up a practice requires more than just clinical skills. Look for programs that provide guidance on the business side of hypnotherapy, including marketing, client management, and practice setup.


9. Ethical Standards and Professionalism

  • Ethical Practices: Ensure the school and trainer adhere to high ethical standards. This includes respect for client confidentiality, informed consent, and professional boundaries.

Why Choose The Ascension Center’s Whole Brain Hypnotherapy Certification Training?

At The Ascension Center, our Whole Brain Hypnotherapy Certification Training offers a unique and comprehensive approach:

  • Proprietary Method: Our method engages both the conscious and subconscious minds, ensuring a holistic approach to hypnotherapy.

  • Experienced Trainer: Linda Sevilla has over two decades of experience and has worked with thousands of clients. She holds a bachelor's degree in education, has spoken at numerous hypnotherapy conventions, and founded the Canadian Association of Counseling Hypnotherapists and Educators (CACHE).

  • Continued Support: Linda provides ongoing education, support, mentoring, and is always happy to let you pick her brain even after the class ends.

  • Client-Centered Training: Learn to create personalized sessions tailored to each client, moving beyond generic scripts.

  • Fun and Engaging Classes: Students enjoy Linda's classes, finding them engaging and enjoyable. Time flies by- the vibrant colors on her website reflect her fun attitude towards hypnotherapy.

  • Comprehensive Curriculum: Our program includes over 160 hours of training delivered over time, ensuring you have ample opportunity to master the techniques and build confidence.

  • Holistic Focus: We emphasize uncovering and addressing the root causes of symptoms for lasting change.

  • Ethical Standards: We uphold the highest ethical standards, ensuring professional and compassionate care.


Choosing the right hypnotherapy school is a pivotal step in your journey. We invite you to explore The Ascension Center’s Whole Brain Hypnotherapy Certification Training to see if it aligns with your goals and aspirations. For more information, check out our testimonials and schedule a session with us to experience our unique approach firsthand.

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