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Below are some  testimonials from my Hypnotherapy clietns that showcase the powerful and lasting impact of Whole Brain Hypnotherapy. I am  proud of the positive changes my clients have experienced and look forward to helping you get simialr results with yours!


I wanted to thank you. When I first came to see you I was so afraid to ask for help because of fear of being institutionalized again. I believed I had a list of disorders that could not be cured. I was having flashbacks and panic attacks so terrifying and out of control it was frightening for my whole family. But you were the first person I knew I could trust because you proved it to me.


You were the first person I have experienced empathy and compassion from when it came to my mental health.

After just a few sessions the screaming and cowering panic attacks were under control. You also helped me to realize that there is nothing wrong with me, no lifelong disorders or labels, just normal reactions to life’s situations, and that gave me a lot of hope. You are an authentic, compassionate and very smart woman, and I believe the world needs more people like you. You’ve inspired me to make a change in the system.

Thank you for giving me hope when I felt the end for me was near. I know now that my end is far off, I have a purpose now, and with my experiences in mind I can make a difference. (S. Victoria. PTSD)

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Check out the first two units of the training and get a sense of the program. No obligation. No upselll. Just fantastic content!

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