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Want a meaningful career you can do safely from home? Become a Hypnotherapist!

The virus has changed a lot of things-- As this situation carries on, more and more people are struggling with uncertainty, depression, stress and anxiety. People are feeling  isolated, lonely and alone. They are struggling with having to adapt to a constantly changing and unprecedented situation. This situation is impacting people's sleep, emotional and physical well being and relationships.They are turning to coping mechanisms such as food and other substances. They are needing to find new ways to connect, be entertained and even to make a living. People are beginning to question their paths--wondering what to keep and what to let go of. It is a time of 

And with all of these challenges arising, there are fewer ways to get support. Some support services have closed. Others are taking fewer clients. And people are feeling fearful and concerned about meeting face to face.

In other words-- it is the perfect time to become a Hypnotherapist!

  • Do you get a sense of meaning and enjoyment helping others?

  • Would you like to be able to make a consistent living from home and not have to worry about job security as we grapple with the virus?

  • Are you fascinated by human behavior? The mind? 

  if so...read on!

I have had a full time Hypnotherapy practice since 1999 and have been teaching Hypnotherapists since 2004. I now offer  two options for online Hypnotherapy Certification training ; The Interactive Online Hypnotherapy Certification program meets one weekend a month via Zoom and takes one year to complete. This program simulates being in a face to face classroom as much as possible with supervised practice sessions held in breakout rooms, demonstrations, Hypnosis sessions, lectures and discussions


 If you prefer to work through the material on your own, then the Self Paced Hypnotherapy Certification Program may be the perfect fit for you! Study on your schedule and submit videos for feedback. 


If you are already trained but would like to add to your toolbox, you might be interested in the Professional Development Courses. 

If you are a layperson who is all about personal growth, check out the Personal Growth Courses!

The Horizon Center is proudly registered with the Private Training Institutions Branch

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